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About Barbara Williams
I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island.  I will never forget the day when, at the tender age of five, I walked into a park on a cold winter day with my mom and saw a woman figure skater on the pond.  I was awed by her beautiful, graceful moves.  I said to my Mom,  "I'm going to be just like that lady."  I later saw a movie on TV,  "The Countess of Monte Cristo" starring Sonja Henie.  Watching this former Olympic star absolutely clinched my dream for me.  Little did I know that a few years later I would be coached by Howard Nicholson, Henie's former coach.
I first taught under the directorship of James Tester, the then head of the Nassau County Skating School.  James taught me the art of teaching larger groups as though I were teaching only one person.  This helped me when I began teaching power skating classes of up to 40 students.
Patricia Walcot, Director of Racquet & Rink on Long Island, gave me my ttuly big break.  As her assistant in the figure skating school, she asked me one day to teach some young hockey players how to power skate.  From there I went on to a goalie clinic with Islander goalies Billy Smith and Glenn "Chico" Resch.
 1977: Barbara Williams is NHL'S First Female Skating  Coach
 Barbara Williams was named the official power skating instructor
 for  the New York Islanders, becoming the first female skating coach
 in th National Hockey League and the first female coach in a men's
 sport on the national level.  The Long Island native worked with the
 Islanders throughout their four consecutive Stanley Cup wins, then
 continued working with them after becoming the New Jersey Devils'
 skating coach.  She also trained four NHL farm teams and more than
 200 NHL players privately.  A skater since the age of five, she's one of
 only a few women with her own hockey school.  A  25 year resident of
 Kings Park.  Williams teaches at ice rinks in Kings Park and
 Huntington.  I addition to teaching, she currently lectures on drug and
 alcohol abuse in schools.  Shown here in a 1977 photo.
Cynthia Blair
Barbara Williams has been involved with drug and alcohol prevention programs for over 10 years.  She has been affiliated with ATHLETES HELPING ATHLETES, a national organization which travels all over the United States lecturing students from elementary to high school about drug and alcohol awareness.  Barbara Williams has lectured and given motivational speeches in accredited institutions in the New York area.
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