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 Power Skating by Barbara Williams

High Level Workouts

Speed, agility, conditioning, motivation and positive thinking are the essential elements that make for a great skater. Most high level coaches stress offensive and defensive tactics, scrimmaging for conditioning and passing and shooting. They forget the one key element to get the edge on other teams - Power Skating.  By improving your teams ability to skate, not only will you win more games, your players will have less injuries. Power Skating isn't just for training camps, it should be used throughout the year and especially after long road trips. It is extremely beneficial to work one on one with a player to enhance his or her technique and performance.

Youth Hockey

Too many hockey players at an early age are given a puck and a stick and are expected to play the game of hockey when they can barely skate. Through my methods they will not only learn the correct way to skate but will have fun doing it. Children must enjoy what they are doing to excel in it.

I feel Youth Hockey is a great way to channel a kid's natural energy and most likely will influence the way he or she feels about themselves for the rest of their lives. Youth Hockey organizations can either instill leadership, confidence and sportsmanship or it can create boredom, stress, humiliation and low self esteem. Childhood and adolescence are periods of development and learning. I have found too much pressure in Youth Hockey and winning and not enough in development of the child's character, self esteem and basic skills. Barbara Williams has established a reputation for her great ability to handle and motivate children, a gift she treasures above all others.

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