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Positive Power
I have based my life on the power of positive thinking which will  help young people and increase their self esteem.

Positive Power...  these two words have meant a lot to me since I started my career in ice hockey.  When I was named the first female skating coach in a national hockey league, by the New York Islanders, I trained them in the art of
Power Skating

It was called Power Skating
because a player was learning the power to find his skating stride, the power behind explosive takeoffs, the power he needed to make quick turns and the power he needed for agility and balance.  Not only power physically was used, but the power of a players mind about himself, and his game. This is where I started to use Positve thinking.  

Wheather I trained a professional NHL player or a young hockey player, I used "positive" reinforcement at every lesson, not only training in Power Skating
, but working with thier mind as well.  I worked with the player to make them feel good about themselves and thier game.  Encouraging them at every lesson. 

I feel the mind and spirit as well as the physical body have to come together to make an all round hockey player, That is why I named my first book, "More Power to Your Skating

Barbara Williams with her student Jed Ortmeyer then #41 of the New York Rangers

Barbara Williams 
first book
"More Power to Your Skating"

Barbara Williams will be launching her new book "Positve Power" soon.
If you wish to be sent an email when it is ready please send a request

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