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Skating Tips

Proper way to lace up the skates

When purchasing skates, make sure that you wear a nylon sock, you want the skate to fit like a glove. The skate should usually be one and one half to two sizes smaller than your shoe size.  If you have the proper sized skate you will skate more proficiently.  

I cannot stress the importance of properly fit skates.  There is no such thing as "weak ankles", unless there is a true physical condition.  Many skaters may think the tighter the boot is laced, the better the performance, but this is definitely NOT true.  In fact,  a boot which is laced too tightly will only cut off ciruclation in the foort and ankle,. causing the foot to tire more rapidly and could cause foot cramps.  The above diagrams illustrate the do's and don'ts of lacing boots.

The first illustration on the left : notice the wide spacing of the laces.  If laced too loosely, the boot will give no support to the foot or ankle.  

The illustration in the middle: The laces are too tight, which will cut off the blood's circulation.  In fact, if you find you are able to lace your skates this tightly, then your skates are too big.

The illustration on the right : is a properly laced skate, not constricted at the top.  The lace ends are not wrapped around the ankles.


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