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Barbara Williams stunned the world of professional sports when she was appointed the official skating coach of the New York Islanders. The millennium had arrived, the first woman coach in major league professional hockey.
Barbara was later appointed the skating coach of the New Jersey Devils. She has trained four NHL farm teams as well as over 200 NHL players privately. She has published her first book, "More Power to Your Skating" and is working on her second.
 She is currently featured in "She Shoots She Scores" a national publication for famous women in hockey. She is nationally recognized for her intense training methods and is the only female to have her own hockey school.

"My entire program is designed for the development of the "total" hockey player; physically, mentally and emotionally. You won't find another program that matches it's excellence.I do not believe in gimmicks to make a better hockey player.Dedication,hard skating,skill level and motivation all make for a better hockey player.I don't believe in inexperienced coaches that lack professional training.  All coaches on my staff are professionals.You will get the best coaching and training that is possible.  Your skills, self esteem and character will be enhanced."
- Barbara Williams

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